Tuesday, 23 October 2012

White Bauble Card - but squashed my dots!

Wanted to try out my Tied Together embossing folder so created a lovely background that I put white glue dots on that I sprinkled with glitter. I looked great but when I thought it was dry it wasn't quite and when I added the tape to the back it squashed my dots! Don't think the person getting it will spot the mistake though! This first photo is a little dark so here's the one I took with the flash...
I've cut the bauble in 3 sizes, the bottom one is micro beaded, the middle one is embossed with dots and the smallest is stamped with a Just Rite greeting. I've added the lovely wide, crinkle edge ribbon. I then decided to add a holly border at the bottom and the bit I cut off I added at the top of the bauble. I was going to add a white poinsettia on the border but decided that might be too much so will leave it and see what I think after I've slept on it. If I do decide to add I'll amend this blog.

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